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Attendance Cup

We take attendance and punctuality extremely seriously. Each week we run a competition between classes to win the 'Attendance & Punctuality Cup'. During Monday morning assembly the cup is awarded to the winning class for the previous week's attendance.

Congratulations to all the classes who have successfully been the recipients of the cup.


This term has started fantastically well with almost all classes achieving 100% attendance in the first two weeks. Well done to everyone!

Autumn Term 2018
Spring Term 2019
Summer Term 2019
3rd September - Y3 8th January - Y5
22nd April - Y2
10th September - R 14th January - Y6 29th April - Y2
17th September - Y6 21st January - Y2 5th May - Y6
24th September - R 28th January - Y1 13th May - Y4 & Y6
1st October - Y1 4th February - Y6 19th May - Y3
8th October - Y4 10th February - Y2 3rd June - Y5
15th October - Y6 25th February - Y1 10th June - Y2
22nd October - Y5 4th March - Y1 17th June - Y5
5th November - Y4 11th March - Y1 24th June - Y4
12th November - Y1 & Y3 18th March - Y5 1st July -Y4
19th November - Y2 25th March -Y4 8th July - Y2
26th November - Y3 1st April - Y5 15th July -
3rd December - Y3
10th December - Y2
17th December - Y5